Deena Alkhaldi

Deena Alkhaldi is a young feminist activist with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education. She is from Zaatari (Jordan) which hosts the largest Syrian refugees’ camp. The influx of Syrian refugees in Jordan prompted Deena to do humanitarian work through volunteering and working in international organizations responding to the Syrian refugees’ crisis. Then, in 2014, she co-founded with a group of colleagues a local organization, Sama Al Badia Association, which promotes youth and girls’ rights including children with disabilities. As the director of Sama Al Badia Association, Deena focuses on increasing understanding and acceptance between Jordanian and Syrian youth from refugee and host communities through protection, education and social cohesion projects. Deena has launched the concept of joint humanitarian volunteer work between Syrian and Jordanian youth in the city of Mafraq, and supported the formation of theater groups for youth and children. Through theater plays, young people from refugee and host communities can speak of topics such as violence, harassment, drugs, early marriage, refugees’ legislation, peace and security. The outstanding Deena’s leadership has led Action Aid to hand over the management of its activities in Mafraq to Sama Al Badia Association.