Star of Hope Transformation Centre

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale
A fierce Nigerian social entrepreneur, women’s rights activist, community leader, and poet, Olutosin is a passionate global advocate to empower rural women and girls and end sexual violence of all forms.
She has founded an on-the-ground organization called STAR OF HOPE TRANSFORMATION CENTRE which empowers local communities to end child sexual abuse and heal survivors. She has also launched income generating projects for more than 200 women. She also initiated a mentorship programme for girls living on the riverside in Lagos.
Olutosin is an author, citizen journalist and poet who speak out frequently on the topics of widowhood, corruption, poverty, and transformational leadership. An accomplished leader, she holds positions such as: Secretary and gender expert of Lagos State Gender Advocacy team, a network of NGO’s in Lagos, Nigeria; World Pulse correspondent; an International Consultant on Gender and Women Issues; and was selected as one of the 15 Global Change Leaders (2013) by St Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia, Canada. Olutosin studied Transformation.