World Pulse – Cristina Avila-ZesattiCristina Avila-Zesatti
Being a journalist in Mexico is like walking around with a target on your back. For years the country has ranked one of the most dangerous for reporters. Collusion between officials and organized crime makes the country, while not at war, even more dangerous than some war-torn nations.
Cristina Ávila-Zesatti has had a long and successful career as a journalist, working for major news organizations such as CNN, NBC and Telemundo International. She left those news organizations ten years ago, not to seek a lower profile or safer career, but to dedicate her career fully to “peace journalism.” She founded an organization, Corresponsal de Paz, dedicated to increasing coverage of solutions to violence, positive social changes and the world’s peacemakers. In 2015, she published The Peace that Does Exist but Journalism Ignores, her second book.
She is determined and courageous. And she believes in giving back.
Cristina has belonged to the World Pulse community since the very beginning. Ten years ago, in 2009, when this wonderful women’s project began, she was chosen as an emerging voice. In that same year, Corresponsal de Paz was also born. Since then, this peaceful and journalistic initiative has been her life, her passion. During the past decade, as World Pulse has grown, we have seen Cristina grow up with this community of women from all around the world. She says, that these two projects are her “online home sweet home: the places where my mind is fed with other minds and my heart beats happiness thanks to other visions and hearts.”
Cristina also says, “Without any doubt, being a voice and raise others women voices is the best way to build world’s peace. That is the meaning to be World Pulse Ambassador, because after 10 years walking this path together means to be able to offer my experience and my love to the dreams of other women who are today as I once was in the past: searching for listeners and completely convinced that my dream was worth and valuable, and deserved to become truth and be part of our reality. As Mahatma Gandhi said once: “If non-violence is the law of our being, the future is with women”. So, both World Pulse and Peace Correspondent websites are aligned in their visions, and I am truly honored to share this huge and beautiful responsibility to be here as a peace journalist who still dreaming that women’s dreams and women voice is the narrative that our entire world needs to hear, to respect and to follow up.”