Farida N. Bedwei
Farida is an entrepreneur and a disability rights advocate who has won many awards for her advocacy. She was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at age one (1), but hasn’t let that deter her from her ambitions in the tech industry. Her company, Logiciel, is currently the leading provider of microfinance banking solutions in Ghana and she was voted the most influential woman in finance, in 2013 for her work in promoting financial inclusion. On the disability front, she is an Executive Committee member of Sharecare Ghana (a support and advocacy organization for people with autoimmune and neurological conditions), and she is currently the chairperson of the Resource Mobilization committee, under the Ghana Federation of the disabled. She is also the author of a comic series, Karmzah – which features the first superheroine with Cerebral Palsy. Farida’s story and defiance of the limitations and stereotypes placed on people living with disability extends beyond inspiring to contagious courage that continues to motivate people all over the world. Her story has been shared on major platforms thereby helping to demystify disability internationally. She has been featured on BBC Africa (TV and Radio) as well as DW Radio and many other local programs in Ghana. In February 2015, she was featured on CNN African Voices. Furthermore, in March 2016, she was appointed as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.
Farida lives by the motto that: “We as Africans are the only ones who can solve our own problems, because we are the only ones who understand the cultural, religious and economic reasons why we are in this current situation.” She explains further that as an entrepreneur, her slogan, using technology to transform lives, doesn’t mean changing who we are, but rather using technology to enhance the way we do things.