Haiti Director

The Lambi Fund of Haitiname
Born and raised in Haiti, Josette has worked tirelessly for the rights of Haitian people for many years. She is one of the few women to head a successful NGO in Haiti. She is fiercely committed to working for and with Haitian people and being directed by them to get their needs met as they see fit. She is a staunch supporter of Haitian grassroots peasant organizations and their self-determination. Josette has always listened deeply to what Haitians want for themselves; then worked along side them to support them getting those needs met. She is a true friend of the Haitian people and a model for her community and the world at large.
She has courageously done this work through all the dangers of changing and often repressive governments along with severe natural disasters in Haiti. Much of the work has ben done quietly, so as not to attract attention in a country that has often been controlled by western powers.
Through her work with others at the Lambi Fund, over a million Haitian people have learned how to better support themselves, how to run their own small businesses and industries, planted trees to help reforest Haiti, learned of gender equity in their work and how to work with local authorities to improve their well being.
Her goal is to give voice to the Haitian people, who for so many years have had none. She has worked with many Haitian women’s groups and hosted many delegations of U.S. based activists visiting Haiti. She has won many awards and is a courageous leader and an inspiration to many people.