Survivor of Domestic Violence

Community Advocatename
Khun Nom grew up in a tribal village in rural Thailand. These villages have their own rules and norms, separate from those of the nation. She studied sewing and started her own small business. Her husband was kind to her in the beginning, a common theme for abused women, and they had four children together. Then her husband started drinking, and he no longer allowed her to pursue her sewing business. He was aggressively protective and demanded that she be by his side at all times. He started beating her, and although she ran away three times, she was convinced to return by his excessive apologies and promises to change. Each time was the same, though. Now “Khun Nom” lives at the Wildflower Home with her children, refusing to return to her husband no matter what he says or promises. She usually works in the garden with the other mothers in the morning, and tends to the mushrooms in the afternoon. The Mushroom House is the first push towards economic development at the Wildflower Home, and “Khun Nom” stands at the forefront of the project. She is making a steady income for the Wildflower Home, and gets a small cut of the money to support her own family.