The Kingdom of BGBJname
Bantar Gebang landfill in Bekasi is not only a home for Jakarta’s tonnes of waste, but is also a home for thousands of young children whose families make their livings picking through the waste hills. Most children end up being scavengers when they grow up and getting married at a very young age.
Resa’s family moved from Padang in West Sumatera when she was eight to Bantar Gebang. At that time, Bantar Gebang was green with rice fields. Seeing these fields slowly turn into mountains of garbage motivated Resa to become the environmental activist that she is today. From a young girl teased at school for smelling like the landfill to the strong activist she is today, Resa is an inspiration to all of the youth living in Bantar Gabag.
‘The Kingdom of BGBJ’ works with the women and children of Bantar Gebang on resource management and life skills. With the help of the community, Resa started an apothecary business to support the day-to-day running of the NGO. Currently Resa is a well-known speaker and mentor to other environmentalists working to reduce waste, advocate for the environment and starting a business in waste management.