Independent Activist

Twenty seven years ago, Martha Ilano recognized that trees serve as our life force by keeping our air clean and creating a habitable place for all species. This moment inspired her and evolved into her life’s work. Today, she is dedicated to preserving the forests in Colombia and beyond.
Through an innovative approach, often working against the backdrop of a country plagued with conflict, Martha has launched an environmental movement led by women. Her work aims to create a global network of women conservation activists who will join together to proactively preserve our shared natural environment. She trains activists to educate and mobilize their communities for environmental preservation and sustainability. This expanded network focuses on working to preserve and increase protected areas for future generations. This year alone, Martha has managed to reach 500 women with conservation education.
In Martha’s words, “I hope to reveal to women all over the world our strong connection to nature and how we can become its protectors.”
The journey has been challenging as Martha battles critical issues such as overpopulation and the deforestation proposed for continued construction. In the face of such obstacles, she has risen as a vocal environmental advocate in Columbia and has shared her vision and story internationally.
Despite the physical and spiritual challenges, Martha’s resolve has remained steadfast as she continues to dedicate body and soul to the health and preservation of our planet.