Rescue Women, CamaroonNakinti Nofuru
Nakinti Nofuru has launched a movement of girl clubs to close the gap of girl’s education in regions of Cameroon where 90% of girls struggle to access school. The girls she reaches are living in places with no telephone network, no electricity radio or TV signals, or accessible roads. Most drop out of school early, forced into marriage or pregnant. Herself having surmounted enormous odds to gain a college degree, and facing local violence and government internet suppression and blackouts, Nakini is determined to pay it forward as the Founder of Rescue Women. Today Rescue Women’s girl clubs are growing – reaching hundreds of girls with knowledge on sex, reproductive health, internet communication technology, and leadership — providing them with global mentors, school supplies and a constant stream of motivation. Her ultimate aim is to break the cycle of poverty by ensuring all girls gain an education across her region.