Virisila Baudromo was selected for her courage over many years of political unrest, physical intimidation & imprisonment.  She has been detained as recently as July of this year and continues to speak out, advocate and serve as an example to women in Fiji.  Her work to train young women as leaders across a wide variety of important topics – feminism, environment, advocacy, human rights, etc. – is an important collaborative effort in strengthening the on-going human rights work in Fiji.
We also admire her because she is making important advances for women’s rights with very few resources.  Given that she is such a strong supporter of women’s rights, we believe that the recognition and funding will provide her with opportunities that might not be available otherwise.
Buadromo is a strong advocate for equality, human rights, the rule of law and democracy.  Following the 2006 coup in Fiji, Ms. Buadromo was targeted by the regime for her work on behalf of citizens’ rights.  On Christmas Eve, Ms. Buadromo was surreptitiously taken to the military barracks where she endured a night of serious physical and mental abuse. Undaunted by the experience of abuse and threats, Ms. Buadromo and her team at the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement have developed the Emerging Leaders Forum, a year-long feminist leadership program for young women covering the topics of feminism, the environment, sustainable development and advocacy tools, to further include training on the inter-relationship between democracy, rule of law and human rights.
Today, Ms. Buadromo continues to help women and children access justice and defend their rights – rights that often take a backseat in Fiji’s chaotic political climate.

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