Chi Yvonne Leina is a pioneering journalist and currently a reporter for the Global Press Institute. She is dedicated to unearthing hidden issues in her community and exposing them to a global audience.  She is particularly focused on the problems faced by women and young girls in her community whose voices go unheard in traditional media.  Her writing on breast ironing has unveiled the story to a huge international audience thereby setting the platform for change.   Leina has braved police intimidation and brutalization in Cameroon to become a voice of the voiceless. Despite being jailed and operating in a country with hostile policies towards free speech, Leina founded GENDER DANGER ( where women receive training on how to become citizen journalists and raise their voices for their communities.

Leina is a freelance broadcaster and journalist specializing in health and religion. For four years she worked as a reporter/on-air presenter at Equinoxe Television, Cameroon’s leading private TV and radio channel.  In addition she has served as editor of the environmental magazine Cameroon Birdline. Her mother is President of Christian Women’s Fellowship of the Presbyterian Church, Ntamulung congregation in Cameroon.

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