Iz Kruga Vojvodinaname
Ms. Timotić has been a leading light in the feminist movement in Serbia and works to include the rights and perspectives of disabled women in the feminist movement’s analysis and actions. For example, she was elected to the board of the Women against Violence Network, a national coalition of twenty-eight different NGOs in nineteen different towns in Serbia that is providing support to women and working to reduce violence against all women in Serbia.
Under her leadership, Iz Kruga has worked tirelessly to engage professors and students at the University of Novi Sad in Vojvodina to advocate for the introduction of courses on Feminist Disability Studies as well as promote stronger investments in Disability studies at the University. By working through universities and educating a wide base of young people and thought leaders in the country, their aim is to ensure that the wider Serbian society changes their negative perceptions around disabled women and instead embraces a rights-based and affirming understanding of disability.
Also, under her leadership, Iz Kruga Vojvodina has created safe spaces for disabled women to meet and build community. These safe spaces provide an opportunity for disabled women in Serbia to both realise their right to be free from violence as well as learn concrete ways in which they can exercise their rights. They also host art workshops which are a valuable avenue for the communities of disabled women to build their self-esteem so as to better engage with and change a society that discriminates them. Ms. Timotić’s work and leadership within the feminist and disability rights movements in Serbia has built a strong base of conscious disabled women who are working to transform Serbia.