Nsimire’s work has brought hope and life to hundreds of women in South and now also North Kivu that had born the brunt of war, poverty, sexual violence and discrimination. What’s remarkable about her achievements is the fact that it has been done with minimal resources in an area that is still conflict-ridden and therefore highly risky for women. Nsimire is a true force of nature for the women in Eastern Congo. She knows that the power of sisterhood, education and empowerment for women is key to bringing peace and an end to violence against women in one of the worst regions of the world. Upon learning about Nsimire’s work and the other women she met on the Women of Congo Speak Out delegation, Nobel peace Laureate Leymah Gbowee said: “Thy say that the DRC is the rape capital of the world, but what I see is that it is the capital of strong women and solidarity among women, it’s the capital of sisterhood.”