Pioneers of Developmentname
As a young girl growing up in Egypt pre-revolution, Asmaa saw many girls pulled out of school at an early age to get married or simply because educating girls was seen as a waste of time. Asmaa knew this was unfair, and as the revolution grew momentum, she saw women play a key role in fighting for justice. “It is a very exciting time to be a young woman in Egypt,” says Asmaa, “because during the revolution women and men stood side-by-side fighting for our rights. Gender equality had just been born, but I believe perhaps we can experience it fully in the future.”
After graduating from the faculty of law, and obtaining a diploma in human rights and civil society, Asmaa established the first youth-led formal organization in her community, “Pioneers of Development,” to promote youth civic engagement and participation. She was the only female among the founders of the organization. She now works to ensure that male and female youth alike have the knowledge and access to make their voices heard in their communities and nation. “For me, the sky is the limit,” Asmaa says. “I dream of becoming an activist to be the voice of all women who are silenced, not only in Egypt, but all over the world.”