The Passing of an Icon
(read article from Aloisea Inyumba was Rwanda’s Minister for Gender and Family Promotion from May 2011 up until her passing on December 6, 2012. Prior to that appointment, Inyumba served as a Senator in the National Senate of Rwanda from 2004. As a Senator, she served on two committees: Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Security Committee and Political Affairs and Good Governance Committee. While in Parliament, she was an active member of the Rwanda Women Parliamentary Forum, which brings together Rwandan Women Parliamentarians. Hon. Inyumba served as the first Minister of Gender and Social Affairs from 1994 to 1999; right after the genocide when the ministry was first established. As Minister at the time, she was part of the leadership team that faced the challenges resulting from the genocide. For the Ministry of Gender and Social Affairs, this included organizing the adoption into families of the large number of orphans and the establishment of the national women’s network to adjudicate family and property issues resulting from the genocide. Inyumba is passionate about women’s involvement in politics and leadership and takes an active role in representing women’s voices to local government throughout Rwanda. She has been involved with women at the grassroots, encouraging women to participate actively in the decision making processes in their communities and the nation and exhorting women to rise up and use their gifts as leaders. From 1999 to 2001, Inyumba served as Executive Secretary to the National Unity and Reconciliation Commission. She believes that women are by nature peace makers and should use their God-given abilities to lead peace and reconciliation initiatives in the communities and spearhead efforts at national unity. Inyumba has been actively involved in the liberation and rebuilding of Rwanda and is an active member of the Rwanda Patriotic Front which put an end to the genocide in Rwanda. She is passionate about the unity and development of Rwanda as a nation and has served in various other positions of leadership in Rwanda. Minister Inyumba holds an Honors Degree in Social Work and Social Administration from Makerere University Kampala, and an honorary doctorate from La Roche College in the United States. She holds a Masters of International Relations from the Irish American University and the Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy. She serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Research and Dialogue for Peace and is a member of the African Women Advisory Committee and is an advisor on several other committees. Inyumba is married and she and her husband have two children.

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