Wanssa Al-Tamtam

Professor Wanssa Al-Tamtam, lawyer and independent journalist – President of the Organization of ayadi alrahma for Women, born in Libya accused of women’s issues and young women.

During the past ten years, Wanssa worked as a content producer in the electronic press and experimented in the print press and Libyan TV to cover many inspiring and non-stereotypical stories within the Libyan society and to communicate the voice of women through the short videos that she produces.

WANSSA says that “the media is a message to the public, and the press must be a neutral and impartial party in light of the confusion we live in in the era of the new media based on social media.”

She co-founded the Libyan Women’s Electronic Network and is a member of the Libyan Women’s Electronic Network, as well as a good follow-up to the feminist cause in Libya and the extent to which women enjoy their civil and political rights in it.