Dr Selma Hajri

Dr Selma Hajri is an MD, specialist in Endocrinology and Reproductive Health. She have more than 25 years of clinical and research experience on hormonal contraception and medical abortion and is working as a consultant researcher for the National Family Planning Office in Tunisia since 1990 and as a scientist and local investigator on clinical research and introductory trials for Medical abortion with Population Council than Gynuity Health Projects since 1997. During this period she was the key stakeholder for the introduction of medical abortion in Tunisia and the registration of the drugs on 2001.
Dr Hajri Selma was member of the steering committee on long acting contraceptives at HRP/WHO during six years (1988-1994), and was a funding member and steering committee member of ICMA from 2002 to 2005 . She has been a trainer for medical abortion at local and regional level with Gynuity Health projects , Ipas and Tunisian ONFP(National Family planning Office) . Work experience in research and introductory trials on reproductive health including contraceptives and medical abortion, training and contribution to the introduction of medical abortion in Tunisia and to the development of protocols and guidelines in Tunisia. From 2008, she was involved with Ipas and other NGO’s in value clarification trainings. Dr Hajri is also involved as research coordinator in an important collaborative research with the national french institution INSERM , on the impact of cultural and socio economic changes on menopausal women . She is member of the steering committee of the Africa Network for Medical Abortion ( ANMA) from its creation, and was the Coordinator of ANMA from April 2010 to 2012.
Since April 2012 she is the founding president of a Tunisian NGO dedicated to sexual and reproductive health and rights in Tunisia, called The Group TAWHIDA Ben Cheikh, for Research and Action on Women health which coordinate several research and training activities on sexual and reproductive health , and developed an advocacy at national level on sexual and reproductive health and rights, and adapted from Ipas manual a training tool in French and Arabic on Value Clarification for Attitude Transformation (VCAT) that allowed to train several providers from the ONFP during the last years.
Currently, Dr. Hajri is the General Secretary of the “Tawhida Ben Gheikh Group” and Vice President of ASFAMM (Association for Women’s Health in Africa, the Maghreb and the Middle East) in France.
Since 2020 she is also the project leader of a new regional network RAWSA (Right and Access of Women to Safe abortion) in the MENA region, aiming to build a platform for the right to safe abortion, and a member of the advisory committee of the International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion (ICWRSA).