Amat Al-Aslam Abd helal Abd Al-Haj

Aden - Yemen

Amat Al-Salam Al-Haj (@salam_alhajj) is a human rights activist who earned her master’s degree in Islamic Studies from Yemen University. She is a professor at Science and Technology University & a supervisor in the Ministry of Education. She has participated in the National Dialogue Conference in the group of independent bodies. Amat Al-salam has a wide experience in politics and freedom of media in Yemen. She also advocates for women’s rights and their participation in politics.  
Alhaj is the founder and president of the Mother of the Abductees Association. Through her work, she is able to help in the releasing hundreds of abductees, and the forcibly disappeared. She stands with mothers during protests to demand the release of their kidnapped sons, and she raises their issues in various conferences. In addition, Alhaj works with Yemeni women in making peace. Amat Al-Salam is a member of the Women Solidarity Network, member of the Feminist Compatibility for Security and Peace, and has a fellowship with the Peace Track Initiative.
Amat Al-Salam participated in the Human Rights Council in Geneva. As a member of the council, she introduced the abductees and forcibly disappeared files and spoke to the kind of torture they face in prisons. She also met with the United Nations envoys, Martin Griffiths and Ismail Weld Al-Sheikh, to discuss the kidnapping issue, and work to release the kidnapped.