Elizabeth Agatha Musah-Conteh

Elizabeth Agatha Musah-Conteh is a Feminist, an Advocate, Social Entrepreneur, and founder of 4HER Initiative, a woman and girl empowerment organization established in 2018 to positively transform and impact the livelihoods and wellbeing of vulnerable and deprived girls and women in Sierra Leone. She is ambitious, result-oriented, and believes in tolerance, integrity, and compassion for everyone. Elizabeth is creative with exceptional interpersonal and problem-solving skills.

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Isu Oham 2-web

Isu Oham

ISU OHAM is a young professional working with African Girls Empowerment Network to advance gender equality in girls education as well as girls and women’s sexual and reproductive health & rights; end child marriage, teenage pregnancy, and other traditional practices that barrier girls’ education such as female genital mutilation.

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Andriana Theochari

Andriana Theochari is a journalist and filmmaker based in Athens, Greece. Her first documentary, Escape To Justice in partnership with GlobalGirl Media Greece is now showing at film festivals around the world. She is the director of GlobalGirl media Greek program.

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L'Orangelis Thomas Negron (she/he)

L’Orangelis Thomas Negron is a student and improviser of various disciplines, from Bomba, sewing, movement, artivism, among others. She is a community organizer of decentralized transfeminist and anti-racist spaces that are safe for menstruating people and people living with HIV. Her work is directed at HIV and Reproductive Justice, including menstrual awareness.

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Nerima is a performance artist and scholar who is interested in how the arts harbor and shape while also promoting self-expression and determination. Their approach to social inclusion work is informed by their arts background and focuses on empowering TLGBQ+ people of African descent. They co-founded the Queer African Network, a social and professional networking site with 730+ active users from over 18 different countries and are in charge of the arts segment.

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Okong_o Kinyanjui_Headshot 1-web


Okong’o is a Nairobi based gender and inclusion specialist with a particular focus on LGBTQ+ rights and youth engagement. Much of Okong’o’s work has focused on supporting knowledge sharing, capacity strengthening, safety and advocacy needs of vulnerable groups in Sub-Saharan Africa. He co-founded the Queer African Network, a social and professional networking site with 730+ active users from over 18 different countries. Read More…

Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund + Women Have Wings Present:
2021 CSO Peer Learning Awards

Aline (SFAW) and Léa (JEF) will develop a peer learning project to build ICT and youth mobilization skills and lead community dialogues and digital campaigns on the discrimination of indigenous groups and youth’s priorities in socioeconomic development.

Aline Zawadi_SFAW_DRC-1

Aline Zawadi

Aline Zawadi is a young activist who graduated in economics from the University of Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She is the founder and coordinator of the civil society organization Support for Indigenous Women of Walungu (Soutien à la Femme Autochtone de Walungu – SFAW).

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Lea Babite_Jeunes ennemis de la faim_DRC

Léa Babite Inyobondaye

Léa Babite Inyobondaye is a young Congolese activist for women and youth rights. She holds a bachelor’s degree in rural development from the Higher Institute for Rural Development of Bukavu. She is the founder and coordinator of the CSO Young enemies of hunger (Jeunes Ennemis de la Faim, JEF).

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Majd Hammad-NAGAT_ Jordan_1st option

Majd Hammad

Majd Hammad is the director of Toward A Better Tomorrow for Development and Empowerment Association (NAGAT) in Jordan. Most of her work focuses on vulnerable and refugee women and girls’ rights, especially of Syrian and Palestinian refugees.

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Deena Al-Khaldi_Sama Al Badia Association_Jordan

Deena Alkhaldi

Deena Alkhaldi is a young feminist activist with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education. She is from Zaatari (Jordan) which hosts the largest Syrian refugees’ camp. The influx of Syrian refugees in Jordan prompted Deena to do humanitarian work through volunteering and working in international organizations responding to the Syrian refugees’ crisis.

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Majd (NAGAT) and Deena (Sama Al Badia Association) will develop a peer learning project to enhance their skills in feminist monitoring and evaluation in humanitarian contexts, youth mobilization, social inclusion of refugees, human resource and financial management and media engagement.

Nora (DCR Ambassadors) and Mariam (LETSAI) will develop a peer learning project to reinforce knowledge building between their organizations on disaster risk mitigation and humanitarian response. They will lead a digital campaign and talk shows in the local communities on humanitarian response and ending VAWG.

Nora Doove Nongu_DCR Ambassadors_Nigeria

Nora Doove Nongu

Nora Doove Nongu was born in 1989 in northcentral Nigeria. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in French Language and a Post-Graduate degree in Education. Nora has been working as a Communications and Outreach Manager with Ambassadors of Dialogue, Climate and Reintegration (DCR Ambassadors) since 2016. She has supported the formation of conflict early warning and early response committees at community level, while contributing to the implementation of interventions to counter violent extremism.

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Maryam Aliyu LETSAI_Nigeria

Mariam Oyiza Aliyu

Mariam Oyiza Aliyu was born in 1994 in Kogi State, Nigeria. She is a Medical Radiographer, a human rights’ activist, a peacebuilder and a feminist. In 2016, she founded the civil society organization Learning Through Skills Acquisition Initiative (LETSAI) of which she is currently the executive director. LETSAI trains and empowers youths and women on life-saving skills as well as conflict management, emergency response and resilience.

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Khawla Al Azraq_PSCCW_Palestine_1st option

Khawla Al-Azraq

Khawla Al-Azraq is a Palestinian who lived her childhood and youth in a refugee camp and was educated in the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA)’s schools and raised in a poor and large family. She began her life as a fighter against the oppression of the Israeli occupation and was arrested since childhood for many times.

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Manar Qaraqe_Al Manar Society_Palestine_1st option

Manar Qaraqe

Manar Qaraqe is a young Palestinian from Aida refugee camp. Since her childhood, she had a passion for writing and was looking for a creative writing programme for youth, but did not find it until she entered the university. Manar specialized in Arabic literature at Bethlehem University.

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Khawla (PSCCW) and Manar (Al-Manar) will develop a peer learning project to increase their capacities in digital campaigning and gender equality to highlight the role of youth, especially men, in combating GBV, and advocate for more opportunities for youth in the refugee camps among policy makers. 

Joan (NAPE) and Millius (ORRA) will develop a peer learning project to strengthen their advocacy and media engagement’s skills to promote the participation of vulnerable groups, including women and youth, persons with disabilities and persons living with HIV, in decision making and peacebuilding.  

Joan Akiiza_NAPE_Uganda

Joan Akiiza

Joan Akiiza is a legal and advocacy officer at the National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE) in Uganda. She has worked on a land-related mediation process between Bidco oil palm company and communities of Kalangala district affected by large plantation developments. Joan facilitated the petitioning to the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman of the World Bank which resulted in the ordering for compensation of the lost land and issuance of land titles to local communities.

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Millius Nyamahunge_ORRA_Uganda

Millius Nyamahunge

Millius Nyamahunge is a project assistant at the Oil Refinery Residents Associations (ORRA), a platform promoting environmental conservation and human rights of vulnerable communities in the Albertine Region in Uganda. Millius has led campaigns to protect the rights of women and youth affected by oil and gas development projects, and disseminate women’s stories on energy poverty and exclusion from lands’ acquisition.

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Doria Feminist Fund + Women Have Wings Present:
2021 Awardees

Lamyaa pic

Dr. Lamyaâ Achary

Dr. Lamyaâ Achary is a sociologist-researcher, and expert in gender equality and sexual diversity, Lamyaâ studies artistic and cultural-based approaches with relation to discrimination and inequalities. In the last 10 years, Lamyaâ was focusing on advancing justice for women and queer people. As an activist, Lamyaâ cofounded several feminist and queer movements in Morocco and led numerous advocacy campaigns for women and queer justice.

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Roya Hassan pic

Roya Hassan

Roya Hassan is producer of the feminist Podcast “Ta Marbouta” She writes, documents and contributes to feminist knowledge dissemination through coordinating and facilitating sessions discussing “colonialism, capitalism, and feminism in the South” within the context of “the feminist school project”.

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Dr Selma Hajri

Dr Selma Hajri is an MD, specialist in Endocrinology and Reproductive Health. She have more than 25 years of clinical and research experience on hormonal contraception and medical abortion and is working as a consultant researcher for the National Family Planning Office in Tunisia since 1990 and as a scientist and local investigator on clinical research and introductory trials for Medical abortion with Population Council than Gynuity Health Projects since 1997. During this period she was the key stakeholder for the introduction of medical abortion in Tunisia and the registration of the drugs on 2001.

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Wansa pic

Wanssa Al-Tamtam

Professor Wanssa Al-Tamtam, lawyer and independent journalist – President of the Organization of ayadi alrahma for Women, born in Libya accused of women’s issues and young women.

During the past ten years, Wanssa worked as a content producer in the electronic press and experimented in the print press and Libyan TV to cover many inspiring and non-stereotypical stories within the Libyan society and to communicate the voice of women through the short videos that she produces.

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Amat Al-Aslam Abd helal Abd Al-Haj

Amat Al-Salam Al-Haj (@salam_alhajj) is a human rights activist who earned her master’s degree in Islamic Studies from Yemen University. She is a professor at Science and Technology University & a supervisor in the Ministry of Education. She has participated in the National Dialogue Conference in the group of independent bodies. Amat Al-salam has a wide experience in politics and freedom of media in Yemen. She also advocates for women’s rights and their participation in politics.

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