Nominated by NGO CSW/NY

Ariane Moza

Ariane Moza was born and raised in South-Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo. Despite her disability, Ariane has persisted and successfully completed her university degree in Management and Development. She is an active member of the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders’ Young Women Leaders for Peace, since its inception in South-Kivu in 2014. She now works for the Synergie des associations fémines du Congo (SAFECO), as a member of the core faculty. Her work in the field of women, peace and security has contributed to the expansion of the Young Women Leaders for Peace in many areas of South-Kivu. As an avid women’s rights advocate, Ariane continues to make waves in her community. She works with young women to teach literacy, numeracy, leadership and peacebuilding in rural and remote areas. Ariane is fluent in French and constantly looking for opportunities to broaden her work in human rights and the promotion of peace.