Nominated by NGO CSW/Latin America & the Caribbean

Delores Robinson

Delores ‘Del’ Robinson, advocate, caregiver, counsellor, policy maker, net-weaver, mother-hen, superwoman, organizer, these are some of the ‘labels’ given to her at the grassroots level.

After over a decade of working in a Diplomatic Mission, in 2001 Delores went back to her roots – the women’s movement, where, for over thirty years she has been an active member, first with Sistren Theatre Collective of Jamaica; then with Women Working for Social Progress where she has been a member since 1988 and currently serves as a Council member with responsibility for Administration and Finance; and seven years with Advocates for Safe Parenthood; Improving Reproductive Equity (ASPIRE) which ended in 2013. She served as Board member on a number of Non-Governmental Organisations including:  The Network of NGOs for the Advancement of Women of Trinidad & Tobago; Community Action Resource –CARe; Co-Chair for the Trinidad & Tobago Group of Professional Association (TTGPA) Social Outreach Committee; The Committee of NGOs for the Commission on the Status of Women for Latin America and the Caribbean, (CoNGO CSW LAC) where she is  currently Co-Vice Chair for the English Speaking Caribbean. In February of 2018 she was elected Global Grassroots Women’s Representative for the Caribbean Region on the Huairou Commission Governing Council.

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