Nominated by NGO CSW/Latin America & the Caribbean

Dorotea Wilson Tathum

Dorotea Wilson Tathum, originally from Puerto Cabezas, Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast; Msc. In Gender and Development. Central American University (UCA). Activist and activist for the defense of the Human Rights of Afro-descendant and Caribbean Women. She is currently part of the advisory committee of the Network of Afro-Latin American, Afro-Caribbean and Diaspora Women and at the national level is the coordinator of Voces Caribeñas, a women’s movement that promotes municipal policies with a gender focus on the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast. At the national level she is a member of the Network of Women Against Violence Nicaragua (RMCV), and at the international level by the Network of Afro Women, she is a member of the NGO Committee group for the CSW of Latin America and the Caribbean. Promoter of the First Summit of Afro-descendant Leaders of the Americas in 2015, in which more than 270 Afro-descendant women from 22 countries of the Region participated, where the Political Platform of Afro-descendant Leaders was approved with the content of 17 axes and 71 demands for the Decade of the Population of African Descent 2014-2024.