Nominated by NGO CSW/Asia-Pacific

Suvekchya Rana

Suvekchya Rana is a senior program officer at Saathi an NGO that works on Violence Against Women (VAW) in Nepal. She has been working for Saathi since 2004 and during this period has gained substantial experience on various spectrum of VAW and Gender Equality ranging from domestic violence, harmful traditional practices, child marriage, dignified menstruation, youth peace and security. As a senior program manager at Saathi she now coordinates programs related to policy advocacy, public outreach programs and campaigns including16 days of activism. She is also involved in detailed planning and implementation of the program on ‘Creating Violence Free Home and Society’ particularly with focus on mobilizing the Youth and Engaging Men and Boys. She was the key coordinator of the ‘Generation Equality: National Youth Conference’ convened by Saathi in January 2020 with 200 youth participants from all the 7 provinces of Nepal. She is also greatly involved in expanding partnerships and collaboration with different networks and organizations working on VAW including coordinating the National Network Against Domestic Violence (NNADV) and the National Network on Beijing-Review Nepal (NNBN). She has been actively engaged in the Beijing +20 (2014/15) and Beijing+25 national and regional review, consultation and documentation programs.