Nominated by NGO CSW/Asia-Pacific

Uma Shah

Uma Shah is one of the co-founders of Saathi in 1992 and at present she holds the position of the President of SAATHI since January 2016. Before being elected as the head of the organization, Ms Shah was extensively involved in managing and operating Saathi Women Shelters, the first of its kind in Nepal. She is the board member of Asian Network of Women Shelters and has participated in various international programs of women shelters. Shah has grassroots experience working with the underprivileged women and children in the districts. Her major role has been to make the domestic and sexual violence survivors economically empowered. She believes that if women and girls are economically empowered, they can lead their lives to the path of success and NO one can dominate them. In this process, she has involved Banking Sectors to support through their Corporate Social Responsibility for the training of skills and capacity building programs. Uma RL Shah is one of the Directors of Education Institute called NAMI (Naya Ayaam Multidisciplinary Institute in Jorpati).