Nominated by NGO CSW/Asia-Pacific

Carole Shaw

Carole A. Shaw, Asia Pacific Women’s Watch, is an Australian political activist and principal sector specialist in gender equality, transforming gender status-quo through policy, international development, peace, conflict and humanitarian settings. She currently coordinates the NGO Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Network – Australia. Carole has played a pivotal part in movement building at both national and regional levels, as well as internationally. She is an instrumental figure in collaborating with key partners in supporting Asia Pacific Women’s Watch (APWW), which developed key strategies to support the participation of women in decision making in the post-disaster and post conflict sphere. She has extensive field experience in integrated development projects and monitoring and evaluation of key policy areas for presentation annually at CSW. An internationally renowned trainer and presenter, Carole provides Human Rights training on working in a Human Rights Framework and utilizing Conventions and Security Council Resolutions into work plans and field work. Her life philosophy is love, laugh, live.