Aloisea Inyumba

We mourn the loss of our dear Sister Aloisea Inyumba, a women of true courage, and one of Rwanda’s greatest patriots. Up until her passing she was Minister of Gender and Family Promotion since May 2011. Prior to that appointment, Inyumba served as a Senator in the National Senate of Rwanda from 2004. As a Senator, she served on two committees: Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Security Committee and Political Affairs and Good Governance Committee. While in Parliament, she was an active member of the Rwanda Women Parliamentary Forum, which brings together Rwandan Women Parliamentarians.

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Chi Yvonne Leina

Chi Yvonne Leina is a pioneering journalist and currently a reporter for the Global Press Institute. She is dedicated to unearthing hidden issues in her community and exposing them to a global audience. She is particularly focused on the problems faced by women and young girls in her community whose voices go unheard in traditional media. Her writing on breast ironing has unveiled the story to a huge international audience thereby setting the platform for change. Leina has braved police intimidation and brutalization in Cameroon to become a voice of the voiceless.

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Virisila Baudromo

Virisila Baudromo was selected for her courage over many years of political unrest, physical intimidation & imprisonment. She has been detained as recently as July of this year and continues to speak out, advocate and serve as an example to women in Fiji. Her work to train young women as leaders across a wide variety of important topics – feminism, environment, advocacy, human rights, etc. – is an important collaborative effort in strengthening the on-going human rights work in Fiji.

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